Astro Eight was recently founded but perfected through 25+ years of collective experience in the cannabis and hemp SPACE – Astro 8 was built with the mission of launching the best in class hemp-derived Delta-8 THC products by employing a unique methodology that focuses highly on quality, purity, and experience.

This orbital approach promises that our products are only infused with the cleanest, direct-from-farm, Delta-8 THC, and that each and every one of our products are full panel tested to ensure what you’re getting – whether you’re jet fueling creativity, clearing your flight path, or simply feeling like chilling in zero gravity – is of stellar quality and purity.

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Astro Eight HHC Disposable Vape | 2.2mL | 2200MG

Astro Eight HHC 2.2mL Disposable Vape Pens use a fully ceramic heating element for the best taste and experience. They each come with Premium Quality Delta THC HHC Extracts containing about 2200MG per disposable vape device. Each Astro Eight HHC Disposable is pre-charged and is rechargeable as well.
  • Strength: 2200MG
  • Capacity: 2.2ML
  • Strains Available: Indica/Sativa/Hybrid
  • Premium HHC THC Derived Hemp
  • Astro Eight HHC Disposables comes in 9 different strains & flavors to choose from!
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